When we say most advanced level sanitization process, we actually mean it. It is very easy to get confuse with the level of sanitization for anyone.

  • Just washing with gushing water or forcing mugs of water on the wheels is not enough for your bike or super bike.
  • In this tough time, when sanitization of everything, we can’t afford to only clean our vehicles.
  • We use hand sanitizer or dry hand wash gel daily or regularly with so much priority, then why not you invest some time for your bike to make it actually clean and sanitize.
  • Virus protection for super bikes and bikes need some expert intervention.
  • Knowing how to clean and sanitize a bike thoroughly will save your time and energy.
  • Some sanitization service will last for 24 hours, some for 7 days and some for 3 months.
  • The sanitization service that gives you assurance for the longest time and guarantee you of no germ multiplication on the sanitized surface are the best services.
  • Also, make sure whether the sanitization service offers with antimicrobial shield treatment


  • It’s a ONE STOP solution for all the car/bike owners who wants to avail sanitization service during the recent pandemic times with transparency and as per the customer need.
  • The idea here is to make the whole experience of vehicle sanitization more beautiful!
  • We render the services at the customer location and schedule and also with the facility of pick and drop to make our customers’ life easy.
  • We provide service to car/bike owners through our tech-enabled mobile app & website.


Vehicle sanitization care services which is available 24X7 just a click away.

  • Sanitized Washing and Polishing.
  • Sanitization service as per ICMR guildlines.


  • Best washing method in pandemic method.
  • Keep your bike germ free.
  • Complete sanitization for vehicle to make virus proof.
  • Successful against droplet-based viruses.


Very important to keep your vehicle clean and disinfected,keep your vehicles sanitized.